How to take castor oil for constipation

How to take castor oil for constipation. There are really many causes that can produce this disorder that makes it difficult to evacuate feces and to solve it it is vital to identify the origin of the problem, but you also have to improve your diet, do a little exercise and resort to medicines or home remedies.

One of the most used remedies is castor oil, which is extracted from the grains of this plant and acts as a natural laxative. For this reason, in this OneHOWTO article we want to reveal everything about this natural treatment, so keep reading to learn about all its properties of this product for gastrointestinal health and how to take castor oil for constipation

Properties of castor oil to treat constipation

castor oil for constipation

Castor oil or castor oil comes from a plant called Ricinus communis that originated in East Africa, but today it is found in many more areas of the planet. It is a plant that has always been widely used in natural remedies for both health and cosmetics but, as with many plants, care must be taken in how it is used and in what quantities, since it can present toxicity if we exceed it.

One of the problems that for several centuries has been treated with this vegetable oil has been constipation and also other digestive problems related to irregular bowel movement. But, before starting to take it to treat these problems, you have to know how it works and why it is so beneficial for it. These are the properties of castor oil for constipation :

laxative effect

This plant contains ricinoleic acid that has a stimulating effect on both the small and large intestines, thus producing greater peristalsis or movement of the intestines. But how does this acid manage to cause this effect? ​​Because it produces a slight irritation in the mucosa of the intestines, also causing the liver and pancreas to act, releasing enzymes that break down fat and bile salts that facilitate digestion. All this makes intestinal transit improve.


This natural product, just because it is a vegetable oil, helps to lubricate the walls of the entire intestinal tract and, therefore, to improve the passage of feces through the intestines, preventing them from being retained for longer. In addition, it does not absorb moisture from the intestinal walls as other natural products do and this also helps to maintain greater lubrication.

cleanses the colon

Thanks to its composition, this oil is also perfect for detoxifying the colon and for cleaning it, since due to its laxative effect it helps to eliminate all toxins and residues, improving gastrointestinal health.

Help in weight loss

The fact of stimulating intestinal transit and detoxifying the entire digestive system, and therefore the body in general, facilitating this purification, is a great help to lose weight naturally, especially if part of our problem is due to retention of feces, fats and toxins.

The effects of this product are usually noticeable between 2 and 9 hours after taking it and, also, if the correct doses are taken, it has the expected effects and does not cause colic. But, it must be borne in mind that if we exceed the amount of oil, the mentioned effects are greater and due to the irritation it causes in the intestinal mucosa, we can produce excessive irritation and, therefore, we must be careful with this. There are drugs that already contain this product in the most appropriate doses, but in case of taking it directly , the doctor’s instructions must be followed to the letter to combat constipation.

How to take laxative castor oil for constipation

castor oil for constipation

To consume this product and improve intestinal transit problems, it is necessary to know well what doses are usually recommended, although the most correct thing is to follow what the doctor suggests in each case, especially if we want to use castor oil as a laxative . for children and the elderly . In general, the dose of castor oil for constipation should not exceed the following in each case:

  • Children: 3.75mg daily
  • Adults: between 3.50mg per day and 7.50mg per day
  • Elderly: between 1.75mg a day and 3.75 a day

The best way to take castor oil for constipation is to take it directly as a syrup mixed with some juice. To do this, follow these tips:

  1. You should first buy one that is organic to ensure that it is as natural as possible.
  2. It is best to take castor oil on an empty stomach together with the juice, so that it is more effective. Therefore, the exact recommended dose should be taken every morning, which can be measured with a measuring cup or a syringe.
  3. Mix this amount of oil with a large glass of cranberry, plum, ginger or orange juice, since they also regulate intestinal transit and do not reduce the effects of castor.
  4. After taking it normally you should wait about 2 or 3 hours for it to start taking effect.

In severe cases of constipation but that do not become obstruction, it can be taken every day on an empty stomach for a week at most. But in cases of occasional constipation it is recommended to take it only once and wait to see the effects and improvements, since after taking it in case of mild constipation it can take between 2 and 3 days without defecating again.

How to take castor oil to cleanse the colon

To treat stool retention problems only in the colon area or to cleanse the colon of toxins, the way to take castor oil is the same, but the recommended doses change. The dose of castor oil to cleanse the colon and use it as a purgative is between 10 and 30 mg per day for adults, half for the elderly, and in the case of children it is not advisable to use it for this type of use.

In the same way, it is always best to consult with our doctor what dose is the most appropriate for us according to the problem that we seek to treat. Or, if perhaps there are other treatments, both medical and natural, more suitable for us.

How to take laxative castor oil to lose weight

Apart from being used for constipation and to cleanse the colon, castor oil as a laxative to lose weight is also very popular, but for this you have to be very careful when taking it, because if you don’t really suffer from intestinal transit problems, this oil can produce excessive irritation to the mucous membranes. The best way to take it to lose weight is also to do it with juices and on an empty stomach once a day , but the doses should be half those indicated in the section on constipation. It is not recommended to take it for more than a week at a time.

Where to buy castor oil laxative

This product can be bought in several formats, more pure or less, but you always have to look for and choose one that is organic and that is suitable for ingesting and taking to relieve constipation, you should never ingest a pure one since it will damage the mucous membranes of the body . digestive system.

So, if you wonder where to buy laxative castor oil then you should go to health food stores, herbalists and herbalists and pharmacies, where they have products based on this oil suitable for consumption and very effective for treating digestive problems of this type.

Contraindications of castor oil and its side effects

castor oil for constipation

Of course, like all natural products, this one should also be avoided in certain circumstances as in these cases it can do more harm than good. Therefore, before deciding to consume it to relieve constipation, all the contraindications of castor oil must be taken into account :

  • During menstruation.
  • In pregnancy.
  • People with appendicitis.
  • People with fecal obstruction.
  • People with wounds or perforations in the intestinal walls.

In all these cases it is especially necessary to consult the doctor about the use of this organic vegetable oil.

In addition, some of the possible side effects of castor oil if we go too far with the amount we take are the following:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Acute diarrhea
  • nausea and vomiting
  • dizziness

If we detect these symptoms, we will have to stop taking this product and go to the doctor to help us treat the symptoms and prescribe another treatment to relieve constipation.

Thank you for reaching the end, this has been all from us, we hope you have been informed, you can continue browsing our website until the next time.

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